Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy to Maintain or Regain Independence

Our occupational therapy team will help promote your independence at home. They can help restore or maintain your ability to perform tasks used in daily living. They will provide you with the equipment and encouragement to increase self-help and homemaking skills.

They will assist with training for: 

  • Help with learning new ways of doing things following illness or injury
    • For example, dressing or cooking
  • Adapt material or equipment,
    • For example, recommend wheelchairs or provide a special bath or toilet seat
  • Make changes to the living environments to help accommodate needs.
  • Access ways to manage pain in order to maintain or regain independence
  • Assist clients to feel better about themselves and what they do
  • Develop confidence in social situations


Specialty Programs

  • Cognitive Testing
  • Tremor Management

“The Dove occupational therapist helped me to be comfortable in my home again.  I am independent and so grateful for their help.” Satisfied Dove Client

For more information about occupational therapy or to schedule an appointment please call: 715-392-3133, or toll free 1-888-395-9195