Other Services

Private Duty Nursing

This service is provided to individuals with complex medical needs. Following the orders of a physician, a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse will assist a patient to remain in their home. Generally services are provided 4, 8, 16 or 24 hours per day. We will work with insurance companies and physicians as necessary to advocate patient needs.

Complex medical needs may include:
*Patients who are dependent on a device based respiratory support, including tracheostomy care, suctioning, and oxygen support
* Patients who are chronically ill and who require extensive skilled nursing care to remain at home
*Patients who require prolonged intravenous nutrition or drug therapy with needs beyond those covered by Home Infusion Therapy services

 Pain Management

The Dove helps patients manage their pain at home to prove relief and greatly enhance their quality of life. A registered nurse leads pain management with a multidisciplinary team to assist patients in pain and symptom management through a plan of care that may include medications, rehabilitative therapies and other pain abatement techniques.

Foot/Toenail Care

A nurse is available to assist in maintaining a client’s healthy feet. Nursing will perform nail trimming, inspections and application of lotion in the privacy of the home. When medical conditions warrant, the physician will be contacted for approval prior to providing nail care.  Fingernail trim also available.

Home Health Aides

Our home health aides help patients who are disabled, chronically ill, cognitively impaired or just have difficulty getting around.

Home health aides typically do the following:

  • Help patients in their daily personal tasks, such as bathing or dressing
  • Provide basic health-related services according to a patient’s needs, such as checking vital signs or administering prescribed medication at scheduled times
  • Do light housekeeping, such as laundry, washing dishes, and vacuuming in a client’s home
  • Organize a patients schedule and plan appointments
  • Arrange transportation to doctors’ offices or for other kinds of outings
  • Shop for groceries and prepare meals to a client’s dietary specifications
  • Provide companionship
Case Management

Coordination of services with client, MD, family and community resources; client education, phone consultation, health assessment, and 2 RN home visits; additional available.

Contracted/Respite Care
Personal care/Long-term support
Home Safety Check
Administration of injectable medications
Medication Set-up
Diabetic Foot Care
Home making

Includes thing such as Laundry, Housekeeping and Meal prep

**All services provided within our coverage area including out of the city of Superior