Increasing activity level gradually
and safely while strengthing 
and cardiac monitoring

At Dove Home Health Professionals, our goal is to help our clients regain their ability to complete their daily activities again following a cardiac event, such as heart surgery or heart attack.  We value the input of the client and their family, friends, and support network.  Together, with the support of the physician/heart center/clinic, Dove nurses and therapy staff will discuss what goals are important to the client and develop a plan of care that will help us to reach those goals.

The Dove Home Health Professionals team of therapists work with each client to ensure they are able to move around and complete daily activities safely once they have returned home.  These activities may include getting in and out of bed, transferring in and out of their favorite chair, and moving around their home without a fear of falling.  Therapists also work with each client to make sure they are able to enter and exit their home safely, especially if stairs are present.

The Dove Home Health Professionals team of therapists and nurses closely monitor heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels throughout each visit.  If concerns arise, they will be reported directly back to the physician.


The Dove Home Health Professionals team can help with:

  • Pain management

  • Improving shortness of breath

  • Postural improvements

  • Safety with mobility

  • Development of a home exercise program tailored to helping the client achieve their goals


Education is a key component of rehabilitation following any cardiac event or procedure.  Monitoring how much activity should be completed and how hard to push throughout each activity is very important to prevent re-hospitalizations and complications throughout rehab.  By working as a team, each client will learn how to return to their previous lifestyle or make adaptations to allow themselves to live their best life. 


Simple lifestyle adaptations may include:

  • Avoiding tobacco

  • Heart-healthy eating

  • Reaching or maintain a healthy weight

  • Maintaining an exercise routine that fits into their schedule