Complex Nursing Care

Assessment, treatment, and
evaluation of complex medical
and post-surgical conditions

Colostomies, Urostomies, and Ileostomies

  • Nursing education for both the client and their family is central to the use and care of Colostomies, Urostomies, and or Ileostomies. 

  • Certain diseases of the bowel or urinary tract involve removing all or part of the intestine or bladder.  The body needs a way for urine and feces to leave the body, and the use of opening from the bowel or bladder (also referred as a stoma), allows for waste to leave the body.

  • Dove nursing staff are experienced with providing training, care and education to clients and their families regarding Colostomy, Urostomy, Ileostomy care, and work with the physician to understand the correct type of supplies needed so the training is individualized to what works for the client. 

  • Dove nurses will develop the plan of care with the client to help them achieve as much independence with caring for their Ostomy as they are able.  If applicable, other members of the support network will be included in the training and care plan.

Wound Care

  • Complex nursing care may involve the use of other equipment such as a Wound Vac®. This type of specialized therapy helps wounds heal by using negative air pressure on the wound to decrease the amount of pressure on the wound so that it will heal.  This is used when there is a chronic wound or to promote healing of certain wounds (for example burns).

  • Dove nurses provide assessment, treatment, and evaluation of surgical wounds and non-surgical wounds, ulcers, burns and other lesions with every visit.

  • Dove Home Health Professionals works closely with wound clinics and physicians as well as the companies who supply the Wound Vac systems so that the clients are receiving complex quality care in the comfort of their home.

  • The Dove team of nurses is part of the larger medical network of hospitals and wound clinics in order to receive up to date orders and communications.  This will ensure that the treatment being received in the home is identical to what is ordered for in the clinic. Specialty treatments may often change to meet the individual needs of the client based on the recommendations from local wound clinics and physicians.  Dove's experienced nurses utilize a variety of specialty wound supplies and provide training and education to the clients and their support network.

  • Often, pain is associated with wounds.  The nurse, physician(s), and wound clinics collaborate with the client in order to coordinate care and minimize discomfort and promote healing.