Daily Activities

Assistance and training for
daily activities to increase
independence in the home

Our team of nurses and therapists at Dove Home Health Professionals works closely with the client and their support network of family and friends to maximize at home independence. 



Therapists will provide training and equipment recommendations to help the client be able to dress themselves.  This may include modifications to clothing, using adaptive equipment (like a shoe horn, dressing stick, or button aid), and how to dress with one hand.


Many older individuals are fearful of using their tub or shower or their family worries about falls occurring, and thus, they begin sponge bathing.  The dove therapists may recommend equipment to assist with bathing like a long-handled sponge, shower/tub bench, or grab bars.  We will provide the training on the equipment, as well as make recommendations to the client’s routine to help them be as independent as possible.

Medication Management:

The therapists at Dove Home Health Professionals and the client’s physician will work closely to help the client learn new ways to manage their medication to reduce errors such as missed or incorrect doses.  There are many tools to help the client accomplish this goal.