Teaching and Managing Diabetes

Controlling diabetes through
diet, exercise, medication,
and insulin therapy

The nurses at Dove Home Health Professionals provide:

  • Education on how to best check blood sugar levels and how to help lower blood sugars.

  • Education for knowing personal numbers and what to do with hyper or hypo-glycaemia (high or low blood sugar readings), the importance of staying hydrated, and the benefits of exercise. 

  • Individualized care for newly diagnosed Type I and Type II Diabetics and the management needed to maintain blood sugars in normal ranges. This includes physician ordered medications and treatments and training to use diabetic needles, Insulin pens, and diabetic foot care. 

  • Diabetic diet education and the impact of nutrition and exercise used to lower A1C.

  • Education on how best to manage diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage that can range from pain and numbness in the feet and legs to problems with digestive and urinary systems as well as blood vessels and heart.  Each client is unique and the nurses and therapists at Dove Home Health Professionals will work with each individual in partnership with their family and physician to develop a plan that is focused on their care needs and goals.

  • Education of diabetic ulcers or open sores (diabetic foot wounds) and treatment in the home instead of the hospital. The team of nurses and therapists will work with the client, family, and physician to educate on what causes the wound, and provide dressing changes to minimize the risk of infection.  These wounds are commonly located on the bottom of the foot.  Individuals with diabetes are at higher risk for foot wounds, and, if a wound exists, the Dove team of nurses will work closely with wound clinics and physicians to provide the best care possible in your home.