Frequently asked questions

What can I expect on the first home health care visit?

On the first visit, a nurse will conduct an initial evaluation. This is a thorough interview and evaluation to coordinate and manage your overall care. Our evaluation focuses on educating you in self-care management and partners with your doctor to promote disease prevention and proactive care, which includes your caregivers or setting you up with an evaluation with our therapy team.

Will Dove Home Health Professionals create a care plan specific for me or my loved one?

Yes! After you are referred to Dove Home Health Professionals, a clinician will come to your home to assess your needs. We will communicate with your doctor to discuss the assessment and work together to develop your personal plan of care. Dove Home Health Professionals will implement your physician-ordered plan of care and keep your doctor updated about your progress. If your condition or situation changes, we will collaborate with your doctor to review your plan of care and make any adjustments deemed necessary.

How often will my home health care visits be?

The frequency of home health care visits and the services provided are based on your plan of care. The plan of care is developed with you, and clinical team and will align with the plan that your Doctor has ordered. As your needs change so will your plan of care. The plan of care is always changing to meet your health needs, in order to provide you with the best home health care. How oftern your team will visit you will depend your needs and individual plan of care to meet those needs.

My doctor is ordering home health care for me; can I request Dove Home Health Professionals by name?

Absolutely, and we would bo honored to care for you or your loved one. Federal law gives patients the freedom to choose their health care provider under Medicare.

Who is eligible for home health care?

There are several requirements for home health care: - You must meet with your doctor, who will refer you to home health care. - You must require a skilled nursing or therapy service on an intermittent basis - You must have a physical limitation or inability to leave the home (homebound). This means that you require the help or supervision of another person, or you use a supportive device such as a cane, walker or wheel chair. You can leave home as often as you need for medical treatment. You are allowed brief and infrequent absences from the home for some nonmedical reasons such as going to church, the barber or beauty shop.

What does "homebound status" mean?

Generally speaking, you would be considered homebound if you have a condition due to an illness or injury, that restricts your ability to leave home without the aid of an assistive device, the assistance of another person, or if leaving the home is medically inadvisable (due to an infection or poor immune system). Typically, those that are homebound find it is difficult physically to leave and may become "worn out" or short of breath if another person is not assisting to exit the home, or enter the car. You are encouraged to leave the home to keep your medical appointments Further, you are allowed brief and infrequent absences from home for some non-medical reasons, such as an occasional trip to the barber or beauty shop, to attend church, or for unique family events (like a graduation or wedding).

Who pays for home health care services?

We will complete an eligibility check to determine if the services that you require or have requested are covered by the insurance carrier you have. Once elibility is completed, and you meet the criteria for your insurance to pay for your services, you will not receive a bill from Dove Home Health Professionals unless you are paying privately for services that are not covered by your insurance.

What qualifies as a "home" when home health is being considered?

A patient’s residence is wherever he/she lives. This may be their house, an apartment, a relative’s home, or adult family home or assited living apartment. A hospital, skilled nursing facility (SNF) or intermediate care facility (ICF) is not considered the patients home. The reason the services are provided in the Patient's home is to allow the nursing and therapy staff to help assist the client with learning how to adapt to his/her surroundings when rehabing after an injury or illness so that the client is successful after services have ended.

Who comes to my home?

The clinician(s) such as a nurse, therapist or if needed a Home Health care worker, will call ahead of time to set up visit appointments according to the plan of care you and your team established. We encourage you to have family and or friends who help you to be present (if you approve) during the visit with your nurse or therapist to ensure questions are answered and your care needs are addressed.

Does Medicare cover the cost of Home Care?

Medicare covers 100% as long as eligibility criteria is met. Eligibilty criteria: 1. You are participating in the plan of care-and available for visits, and: 2. You continue to be "homebound"- meaning it is physically difficult for you to leave your home without another person and or device such as a cane/ walker or wheel chair. or it is unadvisable for you to leave due to infection, and: 3. Your primary MD has seen you and agree that you require skilled services "such as" but not limited to: Skilled Nursing for education or wound treatment, and or Physical Therapy for strengthening and gait training, and: 4. You have a skilled need for every visit- Please note INR and or Medication set up alone is not a skilled service Medicare will pay for, but these services may be performed while another skilled service (such as wound care or gait training) is being provided, and; 5. Services are "reasonable and necessary" as well as intermittent.

Do I need to clean my home?

No, Nursing or Therapy may make suggestions to improve safety in your home.

Does someone help me with bathing?

During the initial admission process we encourage you to discuss what you believe will be needed to assist you. Our team of Nurses and Therapist will evaluate your need and will begin developing a plan to allow you to be as independent as possible. This may include therapy staff working with you to complete bathing safely so that you may continue to do so independently or with the use of equipment. Our role is to help restore your prior level of function if at all possible, and typically, Therapy will begin workiing on this right away.

I am a very private person, and I do not like people in my home.

This is a very common response. We respect your privacy. Studies have shown that those with home care after a hosptial stay actually do much better and are less likely to return to the hospital for the same issue. To help reduce the discomfort of strangers comeing to your home we have implemented the following process. Soon after admission you will receive a visit calendar, a summary of your plan of care, and the day prior to the visit, your clinicians will call you to let you know when they are comming. We understand how disruptive it is to have others come to your home. We strive to keep the same clinician with you during your episode of care so that you do not have a different person all the time. Home care is not a long term solution for most patients, but rather the right amount of service and support to help you regain your prior level of function.

Do I have to dress in clothes before you come?

No, pajamas are just fine! We expect that you are recovering from a recent illness or injury.

Do you help clean my house?

Yes, we provide home making services for those paying privately. Call 715-392-3133 for pricing. We will not bill your insurance for home making. We will provide you with any documentation you need if you are going to submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement once you have paid our office. Some insurance will "authorize" home making services. This is typically through the Veteran's Administration and is based on service connection and need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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