Generalized Weakness

Strengthening muscles to assist
with the recovery and prevention
of falls and injuries

As we age, changes happen to our bodies like general weakening of the bones, joints, and muscles.  The digestive track slows and memory changes may develop.  While some of these may be normal parts of the aging process, there are ways to either prevent or slow down the changes. 


The Dove Home Health Professionals team, along with the client and their physician, will help tailor a program specific to the needs of the client.  This partnership will help the client to stay at home longer and prevent common injuries due to falls (like broken bones and difficulty with shortness of breath or endurance).

Exercise and daily activity can greatly reduce the change of falling or sustaining a life-altering injury.  The therapist at Dove Home Health Professionals tailors a simple daily exercise program that the client can easily incorporate into their lifestyle. 


Remember, Standing is Easy, Falling is Hard.