Home Safety Evaluation

Evaluation of the safety of
your home and recommendations
to help you remain safe

Are you concerned about a loved one forgetting to turn the stove off, slipping in the shower, not taking their medications, or struggling to recognize risk?

The Dove Home Health Professionals team of nurses and therapists wants to help!

Home safety evaluations are completed by a qualified therapist.  Once the home safety evaluation is completed, Dove Home Health Professionals nurses and therapists along with the client, their family, and physician, will work together to form a plan of care based on the recommendations from the home safety evaluation.  Our goal is to provide recommendations that will minimize the risk of injury to the client while they remain in the home.

The Dove Home Health Professionals team will:

  • Evaluate safe use of the stove

  • Access how the individual walks around each area of their home, including the stairs

  • Identify any concerns with bathroom safety

  • Complete a cognitive screen for possible changes

  • Assess safety with medication management


The team at Dove Home Health Professionals will also help the client and their family form a plan in case of an emergency like a fire, flood, or blizzard.


Following the home safety evaluation, recommendations for equipment may be made.  These typically include simple and inexpensive adaptations such as grab bars, walkers, personal call pendants, and/or therapy. 


All recommendations are made for one purpose, to help clients stay in their homes.  Our team of therapists and nurses work closely with the physician, the client, and their family to help coordinate care and provide the information needed to help make the best decisions.