IV Therapy

Administered in the home
when it is safe and appropriate
to do so

PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) or IV line:

  • Medications, such as an antibiotic that require the use of a PICC or IV line, are used for serious infections when the pill form of the antibiotic cannot be provided. 

  • Often a PICC line is placed by a physician or specialist.  The Dove team of nurses provide training and education to clients on how to use and care for the PICC or IV line dressing and keep it clean.  In addition, Dove nurses provide education on how to administer the antibiotic treatment that has been ordered by the physician.

  • The Dove team of nurses and therapy staff also provide education and treatment to each client regarding the underlying infection or condition that requires the use of a PICC or IV.


  • The Dove team of nurses provides education and treatment using the Port-A-Cath drug delivery systems. This type of drug delivery system is used for those who need long term infusions.  The Dove team of nurses provides dressing changes and can assist with access and or de-access to the Port-A-Cath implantable device. 

Lab work (blood draws) is often associated with the use of these types of drug delivery systems.  Dove nurses work with local clinics and labs, and often lab draws can be made using the PICC or Port-A-Cath systems.  Dove Home Health Professionals will work with a client's physician to determine if this is an option.