Joint Replacement

Rehabilitation focused on
meeting a client's individual
and unique goals

Before Surgery:

The Dove Home Health Professionals team of nurses and therapy staff can help educate on managing at home after surgery.  This can include pain management, safety in the home with walking and bathing, and teaching exercises to prepare the body for surgery — which will allow for a faster recovery.

In preparation for surgery, the physical therapist may teach the client:

  • Flexibility and strengthening exercises

  • How to use a walker or crutches

  •  Precautions that may be prescribed following surgery

  • How to prepare the home for safe mobility, increase the ease of mobility, and reduce the risk of falls.  This may include installing grab bars or using a raised toilet seat or shower bench


After Surgery:​​

The Dove Home Health Professionals team of therapists and nurses, with the collaboration with the surgeon and primary care physician, will work with the client to develop a plan of care tailored to meet their individual goals.


Physical therapy plays a key role in the rehabilitation of individuals who have received a total joint replacement.  Regular exercise to restore strength and mobility is essential for a full recovery after a joint replacement. 


The physical therapist will provide education and training to allow the client to return to:

  • Navigating stairs

  • Getting in and out of their favorite chair

  • Tying shoes and dressing themselves

  • Making meals and return to caring for their home and themselves

Our primary goal is to help the client to regain their independence and allow them to return to living their best life.