Pain Management

Guidance in bringing relief and better management of pain

Dove Home Health Professionals uses a team approach to help the client manage their pain.  The team includes Dove nurses and therapists, the client’s physician and family, and most importantly — the client.  We will work together to develop a feasible plan to reduce pain following discharge.


There are many different types of pain such as acute (new), chronic (ongoing), bone, and nerve pain.  There are many different reasons that pain can begin.  It is our goal to work with the client to determine the right combination of treatments to eliminate or reduce the pain so the client can function at their desired level.

There are various types of treatments to help with pain management.  The Dove Home Health Professionals team will develop a plan with the client to meet their individual pain needs.


Therapy Techniques:

  • Kinesiotape: stretchy tape placed on the body in various ways to help reduce edema, allow the muscles to relax, or encourage the muscles to work to reduce pain elsewhere in the body.  Kinesiotape is a rehabilitative taping technique designed to facilitate the body's natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion.

  • Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim): safe current is sent through the muscles to allow them to relax, allowing the client to move more freely with less pain.  This also allows the therapist to re-teach the muscle how to return to proper motion with less pain.

  • Manual physical therapy: a special type of massage that allows the therapist to work the muscles and underlying tissue to relax, thus restoring normal motion

  • Cold and heat therapy and training: reduce injury related to overuse