6 thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas

1. Send a heartfelt card or letter Sending a card or letter with a nice message is always a thoughtful way to show how much you care and that they’re in your thoughts.

2. Gift a device that makes video calling easy It can be tough for a non-tech-savvy person to make or receive video calls.

To make it easier for your older adult to be able to virtually see you more often, consider gifting them with a video calling device and taking care of the setup ahead of time.

These devices do need to be set up to connect to a WiFi network, so if possible, you could ask someone in their household to help get it set up.

Devices that make video calling easier for seniors include:

ViewClix – A smart picture frame with an auto-answer mode so the older adult doesn’t need to do anything to receive a video call.

Amazon Echo Show – It’s like an Alexa personal assistant with a video screen. You can also enable a “drop in” feature between two devices that allows you to make video calls without your older adult needing to accept the call. You’ll just appear on the screen and be able to speak with them.

Amazon Echo Spot – It’s like a mini Echo Show.

GrandPad – A simple, secure tablet that’s designed to make it easy to video chat with family and friends.

Facebook Portal – It has Alexa built in and a “smart” camera that follows the person if they move around the room.

3. Give gift cards for favorite services To make their life more convenient, you could give them a gift card for a popular restaurant currently delivering meals or to an online store. 

Right now, grocery delivery services are especially helpful. Or, to make it even easier for them, you could let them know that you’ll be gifting them their next grocery delivery and place the order for them.

4. Send a custom gift basket A gift “basket” filled with some of their favorite items is a wonderful way to show how much you care. 

Everyone would love a basket filled with favorite snacks, beverages, or everyday basics like the soap or socks they prefer.

Whether it’s a mailed package, something dropped off at their door, or a gift you’re able to give in person, your older adult will appreciate your thoughtful effort.

5. Consider other thoughtful gifts

A few novels or audiobooks by his favorite author or about a favorite topic

A new deck of large-print playing cards

History-themed gifts: books, documentaries, or movies

Music! Check out our picks for every age group from 65 to 90+

A comfy pair of non-slip house slippers

6. Create a custom photo album, calendar, blanket, or puzzle With a custom photo album, you can showcase special photos or events so your older adult can reminisce anytime.

For people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you could even create a custom book they’ll love to read by adding simple text to photos or images they enjoy.

Walmart – from $10

Walgreens – from $8

Mixbook – from $16

Shutterfly – from $16

Make a custom photo calendar to help your older adult keep track of days, months, and appointments while seeing smiling family faces.

Walmart – from $10

Walgreens – from $10

Mixbook – from $25

Shutterfly – from $25

A custom photo blanket will keep your older adult warm and cozy with familiar faces all around. These photo blankets are especially nice for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Walmart – from $45

Shutterfly fleece blankets, woven blankets, or custom duvets – from $60

A custom photo puzzle uses a family photo or picture with special meaning to create a fun puzzle your older adult can put together again and again.

Shutterfly – $30, variety of photo layouts

Portrait Puzzles – from $35, comes in a variety of sizes & number of pieces