Quick Reference Guide for Flu Season

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) provides information for "People 65 years and older & Influenza". Below I have some of the highlights.

Please visit: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/highrisk/65over.htm for the full article.

* People 65 years and older are at a greater risk of serious complications from the flu

* Most deaths due to flu disease occur in people 65 years and older

* Most Hospitalizations that are due to seasonal flu-related illness, also occur in people 65 years and older.

* Flu vaccine is the best protection against the flu

* Flu vaccines are updated each year because the virus is constantly changing

Pneumococcal Vaccines:

* People 65 years of age or older should be up to date with the pneumococcal vaccine

* Pneumonia is an example of a serious flu-related complication that can cause death


* Cover coughs

* Wash hands often

* Avoid people who are sick


* Fever

* Cough

* Sore Throat

* Runny or stuffy nose

* Body aches

* Headaches

* Chills

* Fatigue


* Start antiviral drugs within 48 hours of the start of symptoms - you must see a physician to receive this treatment.

Warning Signs when Emergency Care is needed due to new onset of:

* Difficulty breathing/S.O.B.

* Pressure in chest/abdomen

* Persistent dizziness, confusion, inability to arouse

* Seizure

* Not urinating

* Severe muscle pain

* Severe weakness or unsteadiness

* Fever or cough that improves, but then returns/worsens

* Worsening of chronic conditions

The above are just highlights from the CDC website. Please click on the link below to read the full article.