Resources for Caregivers and Respite Care

Are you juggling the demands of work and caregiving? You are not alone, the majority of caregivers are employed. Caregiving might have become part of your life unexpectedly, or you might have gradually taken on more and more responsibilities. The pressure of caring for someone else can take a toll on your health. Caregivers often feel anxious, overwhelmed and depressed.

Don't struggle alone with your caregiving responsibilities. More help is available than you may realize. Below are links to the many resources available in your area.

AARP offers a step-by-step guide for finding and paying for respite care. You can find it here:

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA's) provide a resource to help consumers connect with visiting companions, hourly in-home respite care, adult day care and overnight respite providers.

For WI AAAs -

For MN AAAs -

When arranging for respite care, some questions to consider beforehand include:

- What care is needed?

- What financial resources are available?

- What are the caregiver's needs?

- What role can others in the care circle fill?

- What type of respite care is best in your situation?

I recently read an article about The Red Barn located in Leeds Alabama. It is an Equine Therapy Respite Care Resource that provides a heart-centered experience for individuals and families. Read all about it here:

More Caregiver links:

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